The installation set-up in connection with the Design Chronology Turkey exhibition attempts to put the current situation of industrial buildings in Turkey into perspective and at the same time question their eventual future. These two main aspects are reflected as two main elements in the installation which are in tight dialogue with each other: a heavy metal factory-shaped box below and its projection as an empty metal frame hung above it.
The bulky box with its mass represents the substance of the existing industrial buildings and encompasses the disused buildings as well as the active ones. A video embedded in this box displaying the chronology of industrial buildings throughout Turkey exposes us to their accumulation. The floating empty profile above as a projection of this substance questions the future of the disused ones and creates a frame for a discussion as to how they can be handled and what can become of them. Wires hanging from the frame hold metal plates in the air with images documenting industrial structures from the ottoman period until today. These archival pictures give us an idea about the matter of the substance and by occupying the space in between attempt to act as an intermediary.

Thanks to Emanuele Marcotullio and Stefano Pugliese
Music by SPARTAKUS – Dj Nio and Emiliano Bugatti